Welcome to our new site! We are all big fans of the show and have varying amounts of knowledge.  We also come from different backgrounds outside of GOT, and we met at the Con of Thrones 2017 convention in Nashville.

Here you will find our reactions to the new episodes as they arrive, as well as a series of podcasts where we all start reading the books and compare the corresponding chapters to each episode.

Check back here for upcoming new content!

Remember to set your calendars: Season 7 starts on July 16th.

Also, HUGE NEWS.  HBO is now teaming up with Hulu!  You can get one month for free, and then pay an extra $14.99/month (same cost as HBO Now) if you want to use one app for your streaming purposes.  And what better time to get your first month for free than now, right as GOT is about to air.

Kennel your direwolves ladies and giants.  The craziness is about to begin.