SPOILERS: GOT Season 7 Episode 1: Gut Reaction


Hello fellow Game of Thrones lovers!

We, AKA Lauren and Danielle, are the Maesters In Training.  Tonight we are also accompanied by Mike, another show lover.  We will be discussing our immediate reaction to the Season 7 Premier!

This episode will include some possible spoilers for later in the season thanks to some plot leaks, but that is kept to a minimum.  There is also minimum mention of what has happened in the books as only one of us has read (Lauren), but still has not read all of the series yet.

This Podcast will also feature our first segment: the Heart-Stopping Moment, where we discuss what was the best death in the episode and/or the moment that made our hearts skip a beat from excitement and emotion.

Please tell us what your fave HSM is in the comment section below.


4 Replies to “SPOILERS: GOT Season 7 Episode 1: Gut Reaction”

  1. I feel like that moment in the woods brought something out in Arya that hasn’t been there for a long time. I feel like for a short time things were normal for her and she saw goodness in people. She relaxed. She may be the Lone Wolf that isn’t trying to lead or be on the throne but to remove the evil from the world.


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