Season 7 Episode 2 Predictions

It’s here!  We are two days away from another episode of GOT, and SDCC is underway.  There have been great posts on Twitter of people sitting upon the Iron Throne, fighting a horde of wights, and even sitting upon the Dragon Throne before planning battles at the Painted Table.

So what’s the most hype thing to come out of SDCC?

A new trailer.

NOTE: I don’t consider this section/article as spoilers given that these are all speculations based off of images/trailers already released and my own ideas about how things might play out.

That’s right folks, only this one encompasses the next TWO episodes!

HBO has also released more images from Episode 2 (“Stormborn”) and I think one of them is very telling.

This is Arya, on a lovely horse, in front of a building.  No big deal, right?

Does the door look familiar at all?

That is the same doorway to the inn where we last see Hot Pie!  And for good measure, we know that this is also in the Riverlands.  I did a little sleuthing and did not see the actor, Ben Hawkey, listed on IMDB as acting this season.  But, I am predicting that Arya will indeed meet with Hot Pie.  He will also have news for her: that a “knight”, Brienne (and Podrick) were looking for her and her sister in hopes of helping her.

I suspect his wolf biscuits have improved even more.  Hopefully the gravy for the kidney pie too.

I think she will see him and be reminded of who she was, back before her entire life revolved around a vendetta.  Back when her goal was not revenge, but reuniting with her family at her home in Winterfell.

I believe she was serious when she told the Lannister soldiers that she wanted to kill Cersei, but I believe Hot Pie will help her recenter herself and go back north instead of south. She’ll also encounter Nymeria, the direwolf she had as a girl, on her travels.  I do not expect Nymeria to stay with her for long.

I believe this is one of the main storylines that will be given further development this episode.  Others I believe are:
Euron (attempting to get a gift for Cersei)
Yara and Theon (fighting off Euron, and one of them possibly being captured)
Ellaria (we see her making out with Yara in a room of wood, most likely a ship given the black halls of Dragonstone, she she is also at risk)
Sam and Jorah and Gilly (Gilly will read something important, otherwise why spend so much time in the show devoted to her learning how to read? Sam will figure out who Jorah is and be able to help him based off his learnings from last episode)
Jon will fight a revolt (Vale army and other Northern houses not happy with his eagerness to go to Dragonstone) and freaking the F out on Littlefinger (I expect him to say “you know, Ned Stark held my neck in the same way, but he isn’t here to tell you about it”)
Dany (will met with Melisandre…”an unexpected guest” as mentioned in the episode descriptions).

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Comment in the section below!  And make sure to listen to our podcasts, now available here first, and on iTunes.



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