S7E2: Gut Reaction


As always, potential SPOILERS abound.  Ye be warned.

Welcome back to another glorious week of carnage!  This week the MITs (Lauren and Danielle) are discussing how we felt just after watching “Stormborn”, which can really be summed up in one word:


There was a lot that happened!  We will be discussing our thoughts immediately after the showed aired along with two segments: the Quip of the Week (though technically what we both chose don’t constitute as “quips” but you’ll see what we mean as you get to that part of the episode), and our Raise the Glass segment.

After only 2 previous podcasts, do you feel you know us well enough to predict what we choose?  What would be your Quips and who would you Raise a Glass to?  Please comment below.

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We will see you again later this week for our mid-week recap after we’ve had a chance to rewatch and digest.  Admittedly, because of life situations (both of us are out of town and my work schedule means I may not get finished at a decent hour), the recap may be delayed.  It will at least be up before the new episode airs, so stay tuned for more!

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