S7E4: Predictions for “The Spoils of War”

It’s time for another prediction post!  But in case you haven’t heard, there has been another leak.  This time the leak is basically the entire plotline for this episode.  If anyone has read the plot leak for the entire season, I recently went back and compared what has happened to that leak and so far it has been pretty accurate.  There may have been some items moved around, shifted to a different episode, but so far it all seems legit.

As for this prediction, there will be potential SPOILERS, however I will do my best to speculate only on what has been released from HBO and NOT from the two leaks listed above.

With that being said, here is HBO’s official breakdown of the episode.

Oh wait.  I haven’t seen an official synopsis released yet.  What will I have to go by?!?!

There were 10 new images from the episode released by HBO.  Nothing exciting but it does confirm a couple of things in case you missed it in the preview (or live in a country where this is not available).

As with the podcast, I’ll aim here to break it down by region.

  1. Kings Landing: Cersei is having a lovely meet-cute with Tycho again.  They go take a peak at the Painted Floor (my name, trademark pending).  I hope it’s finished by now.  I’d hate the wet paint to ruin Cersei’s dress.  It seems Tycho is willing to back her, presuming that she follows through and gives him the gold.
  2. Dragonstone: it appears that Theon and some of the Greyjoys will make it to DS.  How will Jon react??  Theon betrayed Jon’s brother-cousin Robb and spent a LOT of time with Ramsey.  I’m presuming with the way timing and plot is moving that Sansa would have told Jon that Theon helped Sansa escape, and about some of the things done to him.  If this did happen it was off screen as far as I can remember.  I think Jon will have to let Theon slide.  Hopefully he’ll “ring his head like a bell” at least once, but I think Theon has more to do in this story.  He’ll survive today.  Jon will take Dany into a cave (ooh…will this be just like the cave with Ygritte?!  I’m suddenly hearing Marvin Gaye playing in the background… but no, not unless it’s a threesome since Missandei appears to be there too). I expect this scene to happen fairly early on, before Theon arrives, or at least before Dany learns of the disaster at Casterly Rock and Highgarden.  Tyrion will bear the wrath of the Dragon.  It sounds and looks like there will be a big pow wow on the beach of DS.  Sounds as if Tyrion is proposing another tactic but Dany brushes him aside and walks over to Jon, essentially asking for his help.  Whatever Jon says, at the end of the preview we get a glimpse of Drogon with a TINY figure on his back.  But where will they be going???  To help orient yourself, included is a map of Westeros.
  3. To the Reach.  We’re given clips of Jamie looking at his cache of gold and the army before him, though somehow it looks like they’ve made it to New Mexico.  I guess there are mountain/stone columns in the Reach.  If you know anything from the books about Aegon’s Conquest, or maybe paid REALLY close attention to the show, you may have an idea of what will happen here.  418f376f6f4cf5c1413466405876cc4f.jpgNote the location of Highgarden to the south and west, with King’s Landing being in the north east.  Also, though this map doesn’t show it, Dragonstone’s western shore is in Blackwater Bay.  I am expecting Dany to ride Drogon down towards Highgarden to get revenge on the army and get the gold and some of the supplies back.  If not to get them back, she can burn them and then no one will have it so they will be on more even playing fields.  She will take the late Lady Olenna’s advice and “be a dragon”.  If she takes all three dragons, it would be almost an exact re-enactment of the Field of Fire.  Another potential location could be to teleport to Euron’s location and burn all his ships (great idea!  Shoulda done that in Episode 3…) or up to Casterly Rock to provide air support.  On the map, If you go north and west from Highgarden near the top of the map on the western shore you can barely make out Lannisport and Casterly Rock.  So why do I think she is going to the Reach?  From previous HBO released previews we see Jamie and his army fighting Dothraki, and we see Jamie charging forward on his own as if he is hell-bent on killing something, or someone.  I don’t know what that could be, maybe Tyrion? ‘Cause there’s no way he could kill Drogon.  He’d burn his ass alive long before he could even get close.  Maybe he’s lost his mind at that point and is going for whatever kill he can get.  We also see red fire so we know it’s not green wildfire (or is it wildfyre?  Not sure…) and what else can do THAT much destruction other than “fire made flesh”.  Will Bronn survive?  Will Rickard/Dickon and Randall survive?  Will ANYONE survive??  Stay tuned.Game-of-Thrones-season-7-trailer-2-21.jpg
  4. North/Winterfell:  We get a clip of Arya on her horse staring up at WF so she will surely make her appearance.  We also see QUICK cuts of Pod falling down and Brienne bringing her sword down, likely sparring with him.  (SPOILER WARNING: SkyAtlantic released a quick commercial for GOT and it showed Arya with Needle, sparring with Brienne in this episode too).  There is another image of Sansa looking stunning under the weirwood tree.  I hope she’s not with Bran because he’s a big downer and will probably be worse under that tree.  Littlefinger is there…Littlefingering.  He is drawing the dagger but not in a threatening/menacing way as it is being held sideways and not with the tip pointed at an opponent.  Maybe he’s just staring at himself in the blades reflection, marveling at how cunning and creepy he is.  Tinfoil: MAYBE ARYA KILLS HIM, PUTS ON HIS FACE, AND HOLDS THE DAGGER HERSELF.

This episode is 50 minutes so here is what I expect to NOT show up: The Hound and his rag-tag bunch of mates.  Sam and Jorah (though it would be a welcomed surprise). Greyworm and the Unsullied army.  Tormund and the wildlings.  Edd and the Wall/Night’s Watch.  Dorne ANYTHING.  I’m 50/50 on whether or not we’ll get to see Euron and/or Yara.

Frankly, this is how I’d prefer it.  We don’t need to see every plot line in every episode. Let some time pass so we’ll have less to gripe about and it will make better sense logically.  Reminds me of the good ‘ol days.  You know…Seasons 1-4.

Comment below!  Where do you think we’ll visit?  What do you want to see?  What do you think I got wrong??  IS VARYS A MERMAN?!?!

Valar Morghoulis


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