S7E3 recap: “The Queen’s Justice”

Fair warning to all involved:

As always, if you are not caught up, SPOILERS ABOUND!!!

This week we are joined by Kevin who will now forever be known as Kebob (thanks to a happy Autocorrect accident).

On this week’s recap I have decided it’s not as bad as I thought it was initially. Also, we do manage to go on a bit about some of the actors no longer on the show, potential Con of Thrones cosplay, and then we/I diatribe about my undying love for Ser Jorah.

You can hear Kebob’s Quip of the Week and his entry for Raise a Glass.  I also list out call-backs to various seasons and episodes from the past that were referenced this week.  If you caught more, please comment and review with your Maester-level knowledge!

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