S7E5 Predictions: “Eastwatch”

If you’ve been following along then you’ll know that I like to type up a predictions blog before the next show airs.  I try to keep it as spoiler-free as I can but I can’t guarantee that what I type won’t end up happening, thus making it a potential spoiler for right now.

How many more times can I say “spoiler”?  Let’s find out!!

This week there was no episode leak.  There WAS a video I found on YT that had a breakdown of what was going to happen in the episode.  Thing is that I could barely understand what he was saying (strong Russian(?) accent, grammar mix-ups, etc).  It was also a few days ago so I don’t remember what was in it and I haven’t watched it again.  

This weeks episode is 59 minutes long.  Yay!  They’ll only get longer from here.

  • As always, lets start with the title…”Eastwatch”.  What could this refer to?Most obviously to the Night’s Watch castle at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.  This has been mentioned in several other seasons in the shows past.  It was also hinted at in the Hounds vision in the flames.  AND in S7E1, this is where Jon sent Tormund and the other wildlings.  Safe to say we’ll get at least a glimpse of the place.  The preview video for next week showed Bran warging into a raven and a whole flock of them going out from WF (this was also shown in t
    he pre-season trailer.  NK noticed Bran when he did this in the trailer).  I also recall Jon telling someone that Bran has seen the NK going to Eastwatch.  This means that he’s gotten a raven from WF telling him that Bran (and likely including Arya) is back home.  Also says something about his abilities, which Jon seems to accept.  I guess he’s seen enough magical things in the world to take it at face value.
  • Reverse the name and you have “watch east”.  This could refer to Cersei watching the enemy to the East (Dany) as well as the Golden Company, which is in Essos.  Seems as if the gold is going partly to the Iron Bank as well as to hiring this company.  I presume Cersei will somehow get word of what’s happened to the army out in the Reach and will be even more eager to get some hired guns.  She seems a bit contemplative in the image below, which was where she spent her last night with Jamie, her lover-brother.
  • The person furthest West with the best Eastward view of everything is Sam.  Images have shown him reading with Gilly.  I suspect that my-main-man-Jorah will have left Oldtown and is on his way to DS.  Considering the timing (only three episodes left this season!!) I believe we will see him arrive at DS this episode.  I also think we’ll see Sam leave OT this episode.  If he leaves in E5, we prob won’t see him in E6 (it’s the next to last episode so I think there will be a BIG battle here) and we’ll see him again in E7.  He could go to WF or Castle Black; I guess that depends on what he an Gilly discover before leaving.  And who knows!  Maybe we’ll even see Heartsbane again.

What else will be happening???  We’ll start off where we last saw Dany and crew.  Images released from HBO (and the next episodes preview) show there will basically be a pow-wow.  Tyrion will take in the damage and stand by Dany’s side, but he seems shaken.  We also get glimpses of Varys talking to Tyrion.  The editing in the preview makes me wonder if he is talking to Tyrion about Dany, or perhaps he is actually hinting at talking to Cersei somehow.


We also see Dany arrive at DS on the back of Drogon, who proceeds to yell at Jon.  Will he calm down??  Will THIS be the moment when we see Jon has a connection to dragons through his Targaryen blood?!?!  WILL HE SHOW DANY WHAT HE REALLY LEARNED IN CAVES?!?!?!

Tune in this Sunday to find out!

Think I’m wrong?  Think I missed something?  Leave your predictions below!  

Update: I did remember a HUGE spoiler after typing this up, but as it isn’t something you won’t be able to speculate on based on the official images and previews released, I will NOT mention it here.  While I am a spoiler-addict, I respect those that are not.


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