Great news: We found our Maester!!!

I want to introduce everyone here to the lovely Rawrist.  She is a YouTuber with two channels, one of which is devoted solely to Star Wars (Star Rawr), and another for other comic book info, and Game of Thrones!

A professed Thronie she was given A Game of Thrones when she was young and has never looked back.  A true fiery ginger means she may drop an f-bomb (or 12) so, as she puts it, may not suit “delicate muffins”.  I will however attest that if you are intrigued by her passion for ASOIAF, GRRM, comics, and fantasy/sci-fi in general, you will welcome her with open arms just as I have.

But be warned…she will make you laugh at something dark and twisted, making you rethink just who you always thought you were.  (She is a fan of the villain after all)

I am a fan of her videos on YouTube and will be sure to link to her channel so you can learn more from her as well.  She does weekly live streams during the GOT season with episode reviews and more.  She was also a presenter on SEVERAL panels at the inaugural Con of Thrones.  Hopefully we will be able to catch up with her during the off season as we begin our journey into ASOIAF and comparing it to the show.


If you’re a Twitter fan (like me) you can find her @Rawrist.  Her Patreon is (of which I am a Patreon!) and her YouTube channel is MyRawrist.


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