New S7E6 Official HBO photos released! What do they hint at for our characters???


Brooding, but now with his mouth open! Finally. A variant.

There were actually SEVERAL images released of characters alone.  I’m going to start out in what I assume is chronological order based solely on lighting.  Most of the images of the characters appear to be earlier in the day (though, as if I need to remind you, WHAT day and how much time has passed since we left them in “Eastwatch” vs these is beyond me).  

LOVE this man
Looking fierce, as always
Just a little chat…dead man to dead man. At least Jon looks like there’s a hint of a smile on his face.

Based solely on lighting I’d guess the Jorah image happens a little later, but it’s still not at night, nor is it in the middle of a blizzard. There were a few “group” shots as well.  Nothing too special to say about Jon and Beric speaking other than perhaps they are commiserating on both their resurrections?  That would be an interesting conversation, to hear them both discuss possible reasons for their lives still going on.  Perhaps Beric could provide more info to Jon as he has come back six times so far.  

Here is one final image in decent lighting…a group shot.

Tormund, Jon, Jorah, Thoros, and Gendry. Where are Sandor and Beric??

Though it’s actually not a full group shot as we don’t get to see the “red shirts” as many people refer to them (I’m talking to you Joanna Robinson!).  They’re nameless assistants and presumably unimportant to the overall plot of the episode and show.  Two of the Super 7 are not easily visible.  If you look closely you can see another pair of feet and legs behind Jon and to the left.  

As far as commenting on the costuming we can see Tormund carrying an axe.  Everyone appears to be appropriately dressed in wildling gear, though I only see one with the hood up (Gendry, the southerner).  What isn’t visible here but was notable at the end of Episode 5 is Thoros.  He is in his normal getup, much like Melisandre, likely relying on the heat from R’hollor (The Lord of Light) to keep him from being frostbitten.

Things do take a literal and metaphorical dark turn for the group as you may well have guessed.  I suspect these all occur when the Dead Army and White Walkers arrive and the storm follows.  This battle is sure to be another spectacle, like Hardhome on steroids.

I got my sword up and ready! Jorah can NOT have it back.
Can ANYONE see ANYTHING?? No? OK. Just get into a circle and swing outwards. That’ll help.

Notably this episode is 71 minutes long so it won’t be ALL in the Lands of Always Winter.  We do get to go back to Winterfell.  Here we see Sansa reading over some papers with Brienne by her side.  Brienne is notably NOT in her armor, which doesn’t happen too often.  She is still in attire that resembles the other men (and Arya).

Wanna bet this is not a letter from Jon saying that he’s secured dragonglass and has put himself into mortal danger?

Speaking of Arya…

“Jon was my fave. He taught me to brood so well” – A

It seems in this photo that Arya is about to be approached by Sansa, unless they did a walk-and-talk and Sansa is following behind while Arya watches over something.  I would hope that Arya would confront her sister directly about the scroll, but I won’t let my hopes get up too high.  I think there is still more tension to come from them this episode.  I also foresee Littlefinger getting in the mix and making things worse, at least for the time being.  Arya’s face here appears more stern.  Her proverbial walls are still up.  We’ll have to see if the literal northern Wall stays up as well.

We also do get images from Dragonstone.

“Well, I may not know as much as I thought. But I damn sure do still drink. Join me, Khaleesi!” – T “WHERE ARE JON AND JORAH?!?!?!” – D

Dany still in her usual dark garb, but perhaps trying to relax a little, keep warm, and have a drink with her Hand.  How long will he get to keep his job, do you wonder??







D and T are walking towards her dragons, plural!  Here we see Drogon on the right, and Rhaegal on the left.  You’ll know it’s Rhaegal by the slight green tint.  If you’re colorblind…trust me.  Viserion is not in this image.  The creamy white/gold dragon is Viserion, hinting at her brother Viserys’ hair.

Dany is in a KICK ASS new dress.  What does this mean?!?!

  1. It could signify a change, a softening in her stance.  Also the fabric of the skirt appears to flow in the wind, so it is literally lighter.  When zooming in, her top/coat still appears quite thick and fur-lined.  Overall it is also even less protecting than before. Still no armor.  Also remember her house colors being  black and red; this could signify that she is aligning herself more with Jon (grey and white).
  2. It could also be some camouflage.  If she is going to go further north to help, the white could help her blend into the surroundings.  Bad thing is that when seen from above it would make it easier for her to be spotted as her dragon is black and red.  This could just be so that the show watchers have an easier time delineating her from the dragon when she is atop it (dragons are sexless).

This just makes me even more eager for this weekend’s episode.  I do think that we will still get at least something in Kings Landing as well, but this is the next-to-last episode of the season (gasp!) which means we are likely in for a wild ride.

What are you most looking forward to?  Please comment below!


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