A Grumpy (Cat) Game of Thrones

Hi folks!  This is a fun little post here.  I love Grumpy Cat and have a daily calendar.  Recently I noticed that some of the pages can also apply to the GOT/ASOIAF world, so behold!  Below is my shrine to Grumpy GOT.

No Tarder Sauce, that is NEVER good. ESPECIALLY during a new episode of GOT.
Gendry is back!
This might be the way to Dany’s heart, Jon.
Especially if your name is Jon Snow. Or Beric Dondarrion.
It’s ok tho. #WinterIsHere
…says every ice wight (and possibly fire wight).
Speaks for itself, really.
Not beyond the Wall! There’s too big a storm to breathe in anything good. Wights might be a bit smelly, tho.
Advise for every Westerosi still alive.
There is! But not for long…
– Littlefinger
– the Night King
– Arya and Branhattan

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