S7E6 Predictions: Beyond The Wall

Guess what?!?!

We’re going BEYOND THE WALL!!

I know.  Real shocker.  But this episode is 71 minutes long, which is the longest episode GOT has had thus far.  Don’t worry.  It will be beaten next week at 81 minutes for the season finale.

This time I did not watch the leaked episode.  If you want to see officially released photos and my speculations on what will be going down, check out my last post.  And I’ll apologize for this getting out so late.  I am working this weekend and typing this in my hotel room now.  I work tomorrow and won’t have time to type something then, so here we go!

As far as the title goes, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  The vast majority of the episode will take place with Jon and his dirty dozen north of the wall, on their way to capture a wight (Tyrion should be flogged for this idea).  I think it’s a stupid idea.  Dany seems to believe Jon, at least to some degree, and ought to offer to fly a dragon up and see for herself.  She can have Jon go with her which keeps her by his side, which she wants, and won’t take long, which he wants.  It logistically makes sense.  It’s a CRAZY idea, and even more dangerous, as Jon and Tormund are the only ones there who truly know just how large their army is.  A dragon could easily fly over, swoop down, grab a wight or two, and keep going.  So why aren’t they doing that?!?!


Even casual watchers, like my father, have picked up on inconsistensies (Jamie swimming a half mile, anyone?).  I REALLY wish they would have spent more time working on this show.  It is what it is, and I’ll still watch it, but damn, it’s a marathon but it feels like a sprint.

I expect a huge battle sequence a-la Hardhome or BOTB to take up the vast majority of the episode.  Someone will die.  MAYBE two people will die.  The Hound will survive (there’s been a trailer or image released that has his silhouette in it so he’s fine).  Jon will be fine (he is the hero after all, and his story isn’t finished).  They’re setting us up to think Jorah could die (Dany hugs him, they have a long and touching goodbye).  I swear to the Stranger that if he dies, I may revolt.  Gendry…waste all of that hype just to bring him back for one episode and not even see Arya again?  No way.  He’ll be ok.  He also has to build Valyrian steel swords and armor for Dany and her dragons!  (Ultimate prediction right there, folks!).  Tormund?  He still has to get with Brienne.  Beric and Thoros are my top picks to kick it this episode.  If they die then it will really push up the tension since the only resurrector won’t be there to bring anyone back.

Of note I did see that Jorah was packing up a box of things that were gently clanking around.  I saw a similar box being taken out of the mines in the last episode so I suspect they will be outfitted with dragon glass weapons.  Plus Jon has a Valyrian steel sword.  Beric has a fiery sword.  It’ll be epic.

Other than that…I’m not sure how else the title could be interpreted.  Perhaps it refers to beyond the wall of Winterfell?  Maybe it hints at what lies underneath Arya’s proverbial wall that she has built up so high?  I’m stumped.

Images released have also hinted at Dragonstone, of course, and Winterfell.  I’m not sure just how much we’ll get to see at Dragonstone that’s of great importance.  Dany still wants to take on Cersei, but she is distracted with Jorah and Jon both going rogue up north.  Her costuming should reveal some clues.  I do hope that while sitting next to the fire and sipping wine that Tyrion and Dany will discuss the Unsullied at Casterly Rock and what to do with them now.

I think plot/screentime-wise a larger portion than Dragonstone will be devoted to Winterfell and Littlefingers machinations up north.  He is doing what he does best…

Littlefingering (heh heh).

He will be trying to widen the gap between Sansa and Arya.  He is acutely aware the Bran knows more than he lets on (though he may be in denial about it), and that Bran is not swayed by him at all which he discovered when he saw Arya with the dagger.  Also, Bran will not be Lord of WF, so why waste time there?  I don’t know why he would want to get between Sansa and Arya other than to try to get Sansa come to him about the situation, rely on him, so he can prove himself still useful.

Will Arya buy the narrative that he’s concocted?  I believe in the show that she will.  Book Arya should be able to figure out this is all a ruse and not fall prey, but show Arya never truly completed her training.  If nothing else, the whole Braavosi plot line with the play shows us that Arya’s soft spot is her family, that she is not a complete ruthless killer and can still make decisions for her own.  She failed the test with Braavosi Cersei, who was a decent human being (by Westerosi standards), and played to Arya’s own moral code.  Arya does not seek Justice which is bound by blindness and balance; she seeks vengeance.  She views the world as the house that trained her…black and white.  This is why I predict that Arya will die before the series is complete.  The only thing that could save her (besides GRRM liking her character so much) is a hard lesson she will have to learn which will push her to change her world view…so she can begin to see things as shades of gray.

I digress.

I’m sure we’ll get to see Bran and I pray to every freaking god there is that it’s not a boring one.  He needs to DO something.  His plot line is killing me at the moment.

I do not expect to see Sam this episode, nor much of anything out of Kings Landing.  Maybe a couple of scenes since we haven’t seen Tycho in a bit.  Also need to see Cersei weasel herself around Jamie.  That way it will feel even better when Jamie realizes what she has become.

I do think Cersei is pregnant.  I also believe she will miscarry either in the finale or early next season, and that this will begin her true unravelling, which will be completed when Jamie breaks away from her.  Her previous 3 children were her hold on humanity.  I believe Jamie and her new unborn child will be the end to her sanity.

So what do you think?  

Leave your predictions below!!

If you get to this post after seeing the episode, what would you have changed?  Would you have killed off a different character?  Let me know!

4 Replies to “S7E6 Predictions: Beyond The Wall”

  1. This catch a wight plot is bugging me. Even in an ideal scenario, how exactly does it work?
    Let’s say Jon and co. open the gate at Eastwatch and someone has a bound and gagged wight all bundled up for them. They jump back on the ship. After a trip unaffected by Euron the gang safely delivers the package to Cersei. She drops to her knees (becoming a theme this season) and send all her people north? No she will jever care and Tyrion should never have suggested this, even more so, no one should have listened to him.

    Tyrion only seems to do well when his neck on the line. Dany needs to dress someone up like Mandon Moore to follow him arounx all the time.

    For as misguided as their quest is, I’m hoping they (please be at least plural) return with valuable insight into the Others like what they want.


    1. I totally agree!! If you’ve seen the episode now, read on. If not…spoilers!!

      I think seeing that if you kill one WW you kill their wights is a HUGE reveal and will play a pivotal role in how they approach the “wars to come”. No true insight but at least they can form a more solid battle plan.


      1. I think I need to rewatch Hardhome. These wights seemed kinda lowkey.

        It makes no sense why their captive “survived”. I thought Tormund was a gonner and thought Jon was too


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