S7E7: what the episode’s title can tell us of what’s yet to come

Well folks, the final episode is coming up this Sunday.

Good news though…we got a title for an episode, and FINALLY IT’S A GOOD ONE.

The season finale is called “The Dragon and The Wolf”.  It is also scheduled at 79 minutes (43 seconds)!

The other titles have been terrible.  “Dragonstone”.  “Eastwatch”.  “Beyond The Wall”.  Not fun episode titles like “The Rains of Castamere” that make you think a little bit.

So how many layers could TDATW have?  Let us begin.

Warning for potential HUGE SPOILERS.  You have been warned.

  1. Literally…Dany and Jon.  We’ve been building up to their burgeoning love story (which, if this is anything like the old GOT we know and love, won’t end well for them).  As I’ve seen all over YouTube and Twitter… #BoatSex #Jonaerys
  2. Fire and Ice.  This is literally what the entire series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has been all about.  Jon is the culmination of a pact made decades before this story began.  It was called “The Pact of Ice and Fire”, in which a Stark male was to wed a Targaryen princess, and produce an heir, forever uniting their houses. While the genders of Jon’s parents are reversed, if he does end up marrying Dany, that would be another version of the Pact coming to fruition.
  3. But wait…is Jon a “wolf”?  I mean, sort of (his mother is Lyanna Stark), but technically he’s a Targ.  If that’s the case, who else could it be referring to?  How about this…RHAEGAR AND LYANNA!!!  Maybe, hopefully, Bran will FINALLY have a vision and we’ll get the flashback that we’ve all been craving!  And when we learn that it wasn’t a kidnapping and raping as the world believes, but actually a marriage that resulted in a legitimate Targaryen (who has a stronger claim to the throne and will put another wrench in Dany’s plan), the world will lose it.  We know who his parents are.  The only piece of information we have not been force-fed is if he is legitimate.  I am convinced that this is the case, and have been for years.  I cannot wait to see this happen. And if I am woefully wrong, I will be available for “shaming” via Twitter @TrainingMaester.

Be gentle, please.  But leave your comments below!

2 Replies to “S7E7: what the episode’s title can tell us of what’s yet to come”

  1. Viserion vs Ghost?
    I think we’ll wrap up a lot of plots South of the wall and not see NK at all. Saving all that for next season. I do think the titles refers to #NauticalFornication , not a reveal. At least a reveal to Jon/Dany. I think it will be revealed to the viewer by Bran/Sam.


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