Officially released images from Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

Let’s get right to it!  Big shout out to where I found the images.

Here we have Theon.  There are two images, both of which appear to be at Dragonstone.  In the trailer we saw an image of Theon kneeling on the beach, looking defeated.  These could be related to that.  Perhaps there was a botched rescue for Yara?

Next up we have one image of Bran.  His costume appears to be similar, maybe a little more heavily furred, but his face…he looks forlorn, sad, as if he has seen something that deeply troubles him but he knows must happen.

Here is one image of Sansa, still at Winterfell, here in the Great Hall by the fire. She is wearing a very thick cape/coat with loads of fur and a hood.  If she is wearing this indoors, along with gloves, we can infer that the weather is becoming even more harsh.  Could this mean the NK is even closer??

Speaking of fur-lined capes, here we see Cersei.  This is not the same dress she is wearing in the Dragon Pit from the trailer, so I’m assuming this is later in the episode when it is getting even colder.  Instead of harsh, cold epaulets on her shoulders, she instead wears black fur, like the northerners have done.

Here we see Jamie and Cersei.  She is wearing the same dress, but her arm is stuck out, palm facing up.  Jamie appears to be bending, leaning in towards her, with his arm up.  I believe this is where we see a big rift between the two, possibly a fight.  Hopefully we are getting a glimpse here of the straw that breaks Jamie’s devotion to her.

Last, but not least, we see Jamie and Bronn on the battlements of Kings Landing.  They appear to be having a conversation that may not be going very well.  This might be when Dany’s army arrives and garrisons outside the gates of KL, which we’re shown in the trailer.

Interesting images left out…Dany.  Out of all of the images and clips we’ve had released thus far, they are still not showing Dany.  I also am sticking by my prediction that we will see Sam and Gilly, another group not shown.

Do you read the images differently than I?  Have any other comments to make?  Please leave them below!

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