S7E6: Gut reaction “Beyond the Wall”

As always, spoiler warnings for everything that’s happened so far.

In this weeks episode, you will hear our loves!  Our hates!  The potential aphrodisiac abilities of stuffed-crust pizza!  A plethora of Tormund quips to choose from!!!  But we also take a couple of turns away and discuss the upcoming eclipse and how to watch it safely, as well as others that love Jorah as well (like Mallory Rubin at TheRinger.com and Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair).  There will be laughs, and we are joined by our pets.  We might yell at them (especially me yelling at my cat), but we love them dearly.  Just as much as we love the show.

Good podcasts that I mention are A Cast of Kings and A Storm of Spoilers, both with Joanna Robinson.  The first is spoiler-free; SOS has “The Calm” which is spoiler-free, and “The Storm” which is spoiler HEAVY.  Mallory Rubin is on Binge Mode, solely about GoT.  All three are great pods.

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